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ALLEGRA-D 24 HOUR Fexofenadine,Pseudoephedrine drug information & product resources from MPR including dosage information, educational materials. Side effects for allegra D 24 ho. Comments. Seasonal allergies hay fever. Slht irritability, more so as it wears off at the end of the 24-hours. F. 34. 5 days 1X D. 9/30/2016. Allegra-D 24-Hour Allergy and Congestion alleviates congestion and sinus pressure. In this commercial, the non-drowsy antihistamine allows different women.


Allegra d 24 hour:
Learn about clinical pharmacology for the drug Allegra-D 24 Hour Fexofenadine HCl 180 and Pseudoephendrine HCl 240. Allegra-D 24 Hour Description Allegra-D is a combination of an antihistamine fexofenadine and a decongestant pseudoephedrine. Allegra-D 24 Hour is an oral, "second generation" antihistamine that is used to treat the sns and symptoms of allergy and hives. ALLEGRA-D 24 HOUR OTC. Add Drug To My List Compare to related Drugs View/edit/Compare drugs in my list. Indications for ALLEGRA-D 24 HOUR Seasonal allergic rhinitis with nasal congestion.


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For people taking Allegra-D 24 Hour tablets, the recommended dosage is one tablet once a day. Click Allegra-D Dosage to find out what factors will affect your dose, as well as a list of important dosing tips and precautions. Allegra-D 24 Hour is used to treat sneezing, cough, runny or stuffy nose, itchy or watery eyes, hives, skin rash, itching, and other symptoms of allergies and the common cold.


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ALLEGRA--D 24 HOUR ALLERGY AND CONGESTION - fexofenadine hydrocoride and pseudoephedrine hydrocoride tablet, film coated, extended release Chattem, Inc. - Drug Facts. Active ingredients. Brand Names Allegra-D 12 Hour, Allegra-D 24 Hour Generic Name fexofenadine and pseudoephedrine Pronunciation FEX oh FEN a deen and SOO doe

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