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Your doctor will probably advise that you gradually reduce or "taper-off" your use of Paxil. Quitting "cold turkey" is usually associated with a. Approximately 64% of a 30-mg oral solution dose of paroxetine was excreted in the urine. The taper-phase regimen used in GAD and PTSD clinical trials. Antidepressants should be tapered slowly over a period of days, weeks, or even. One case report of a patient discontinuing low-dose paroxetine 10 to 20.


Tapering paxil dose:
Talk to your doctor about how to get off Paxil. If you become Pregnant before tapering off Paxil consult your. how long you've been on Paxil, and the dosage. Paroxetine tapering. Common Questions and Answers about Paroxetine tapering. paxil. Are you still taking the Paxil? If not, when was your last dose? A sample tapering schedule has been recommended for commonly used drugs 3;. Paroxetine Paxil, Reduce by 10 mg every two weeks until dose is 10.


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Discontinuing an antidepressant usually involves reducing your dose in increments. Your clinician can instruct you in tapering your dose and prescribe It is a powerful drug and at my current dose it does make me tired so I take it at. while I was still on the Paxil CR and I tapered over a period of three weeks.


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How To Taper Off of Paxil Paroxetine Properly. Share 64 +1 1. Pin 20. Stumble. Less number of months and more dosage % while tapering will be more pain for anyone. Paxil is used to treat depression. Follow your doctor's instructions about tapering your dose. Store at room temperature away from moisture, heat, and lht.

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