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Allegro Music. adv. & adj. Abbr. allo. In a quick, lively tempo, usually considered to be faster than allegretto but slower than presto. Used chiefly as a direction. Get answers to frequently asked questions about OTC Allegra. Allegra and Claritin are over-the-counter allergy medications. Learn how they compare.


What is allegra for:
Allegra-D has prescription-strength allergy relief and a nasal decongestant available without prescription behind the counter. An Allegra is intellent and knows how to be a leader, but can be a bit bossy sometimes. 1. Wow. That new girl's name is Allegra, and she comes from Italy. What is the medicine named allegra for. A Allegra fexofenadine is an antihistamine that reduces the natural chemical histamine in the body. Allegra is used to treat the symptoms of seasonal allergies hay fever in adults and children.


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Explains the medication fexofenadine Allegra, Allegra Allergy, Children's Allegra, Allergy 24-HR, Mucinex Allergy, a drug used for the. Children's Allegra has been evaluated in the largest pediatric seasonal allergy study of its kind as part of the orinal approval of prescription Children's Allegra. Children's Allegra for over-the-counter use is now FDA approved in.


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As this segment of the eMedTV archives explains, Allegra is used to treat seasonal allergy symptoms as well as chronic hives and other conditions. The article. Allegra is an antihistamine. It works by blocking a substance in the body ed histamine. This helps to decrease allergy symptoms. Printing toronto hotel suiza allegra fc what is allegra 60 mg tablets yellin.

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